Teaching English In Junggae, Seoul Korea

Teaching English In Junggae, Seoul Korea

Avalon English Insructors

Avalon English Instructors

Avalon English has English teaching jobs in Seoul,

Kyeonggi, and Busan.

The Benefits:

The teaching salary ranges between 2.1 to 2.4 million per month

Single housing is provided with basic furnishing and allowance.

You will receive 10 vacation days per year and national Korean holidays.

The school will give a return ticket reimbursement.

There is a contract completion bonus of one month’s salary paid at the end of your
one year contract.

You will receive national Korean pension and national medical insurance while
employed at Avalon. The school will pay 50% of this cost and you will pay the
other half.

The schedule and students:

Avalon English is an academy for Korean young learners to study English.

They attend regularly after they complete their public school classes.

Students attend English classes where they are taught by both a native English
speaker instructor and Korean English instructor.

The teaching schedule is Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm or 3:00 pm
until 11:00 pm.

The average class size is between ten to seventeen students.

Apply for an English teaching position at Avalon English.

The  Classes:

Each class time is taught equally between both English teachers.

First, the Korean instructor teaches English grammar and new words. Students may
ask questions in Korean language.

Next, the native English speaker focuses on speaking, listening, reading, writing, and

The students study English with the native English instructor, but have already had
their initial lesson with the Korean instructor so they are familiar with the English

Classes with native speaker instructors are English immersion classes.

Students At Avalon English Korea

Students At Avalon English Korea

What You Need To Apply:

You must be an English native speaker. This means you’ll need a passport from an
English-speaking country such as:

  • United States
  • Canada (Except Quebec *)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • UK
  • Ireland

* If you have a degree from a French university in Quebec you will NOT qualify for an
E2 teaching visa in Korea. This is Korean immigration rule.

What Documents You’ll Need:

  • Your resume
  • Your original university degree
  • 1 set of sealed university academic records (transcripts)
  • The first page of your passport
  • Passport sized pictures of yourself (4 required)
  • A criminal background check (with proper authentication from your home country)
  • A health check up
  • A signed teaching contract

Here’s a short 3rd party video introduction of Avalon English in Daegu,
South Korea. Meet the staff, teachers and students.

Here’s a map to Nowon, Seoul… where 3 Avalon English institutes are found.

Nowon Seoul Korea

Nowon Seoul District (Wikipedia)

Apply for an English teaching position at Avalon English.

Teacher Questions About Avalon:

Will Avalon cover the cost of my apartment in Korea?

Absolutely. Avalon English provides a rent- free apartment to you while you’re employed
at the school. You do not need to search for your apartment or pay the key deposit or
monthly rent.

Tell me about my apartment:

You will be given single partially furnished housing. Apartments accommodate one
tenant and may be slightly different depending on what school location you are
assigned to.

Each studio apartment comes with a kitchen, bathroom, stove and sink and standard
sized refrigerator. You can also expect air conditioning and heat.

How far is my apartment from the school?

You can expect to be about 10-20 minutes from the school by foot, bus or subway.

What about apartment utilities?

You will have to pay for your own utilities in your apartment. These include water,
electricity, gas, and minimal monthly apartment management fees.

What’s the teaching schedule?

Work hours are slightly different dependent upon your school and location. You can
expect to teach between 3-10 pm or 4 to 11 pm.

What’s the class size?

The number of students varies between 8-12 students with no more than 20 students.

How many teachers work at each school?

On average about 7-8 foreign teachers are employed at each school. There are also the
same number of Korean teachers. However, some smaller schools have only 3 foreign
teachers, while larger ones could have up to 15 foreign teachers.

Will I pay for my airfare?

Avalon English will cover the cost of your flight to and from Korea, provided you
complete a 12 month contract.

Avalon will book your flight and pay your ticket to Korea. You will need to provide us
with your date of departure and airport of origin.

I’ve never taught English before. Will I get training?

Yes. You will receive one week of teacher training prior to starting your classes.

Training is a great opportunity to meet your co-workers, become versed in the Avalon
teaching methodology, get an overview of living in Korea, see first hand what a teaching
class looks like with students and teachers and receive feedback from head teachers about
your mock teaching classes.

Avalon has a structured English teaching curriculum and will supply you with all necessary
teaching resources for your classes.

Here are several current/former teachers from Avalon English Korea:

Avalon English South Korea

Foreign Teachers Avalon English Korea

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5 5 1
Avalon is a large, well stablished English hagwon chain with hundreds of foreign teachers. The good thing is you don't have to do prep for classes, because they provide everything. If you have communication issues with students, you can ask your Korean teacher for help. You're just a number here, remember that and it's a big business. Overall treated well, they pay for your studio apartment and my school provide free lunches. Can't beat that.

4 5 1
Paid in full on time. No issues with that. The teaching material is simple and straightforward to teach. If you get sick, you need a doctor's note. Some may have trouble getting used to the late hours. 2-10 pm.... Tend not want to do much during the day before classes starting because you want to keep your energy for classes. Kind of defeats the purpose of coming to Korea.

3 5 1
Constant CCT and audio monitoring in the hagwons from management. Also, have to impress parents and retain students. Heavy workload. Okay for newbie instructors because it's a cookie cutter English program you follow, but after a year, time to move on.

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