Teaching In Korea – Aclipse

Teaching In Korea – Aclipse

Teach English ChungDahm Learning Korea

A Leading Education Company In Korea is Hiring English
Teachers Starting in February 2017.

Aclipse Korea has many teaching jobs available at ChungDahm Learning in Korea.

ChungDahm has schools in several Korean cities such as Busan, Seoul, Incheon,
and Daegu, just to name a few.

If you’ve ever considered teaching in Korea, this is a wonderful chance to
experience a new culture, save money, travel, and gain global work experience.

Even if you’ve never taught English abroad, ChungDahm Learning will still hire
you, provided you have the education and attitude to work in a foreign country
such as South Korea.

ChungDahm will provide teacher training from the moment you arrive in Korea.

Here’s a video of a Canadian teacher talking about her experiences
in Korea for the first time, working with Aclipse and her teacher
training week.

She also provides recommendations for training, apartment hunting, visa and
banking requirements.

Training will give you the confidence in the classroom to work with students
and further develop yourself as a teaching professional.

ChungDahm provides a very structured and easy to follow teaching curriculum.

As a teacher at ChungDahm Learning you are NOT required to speak Korean. As
long as you are fluent in English you qualify to apply as an English instructor.

About ChungDahm Learning

This English education company has 180 schools all over Korea. Schools are in Seoul
Busan, and Daegu among others.

ChungDahm employs more than 1,000 teachers.

The Chungdahm learning curriculum is a research based method and all classes
are taught using this educational technology.

The ChungDahm Learning 3.0 platform is used by both teachers and students.
It incorporates smart tablets and flat screens to promote a great educational
experience for young learners.

Below is a classroom of Chung Dahm Learning. Instructors use
technology with their students to teach English.

Teacher and Students ChungDahm Learning

Teacher Benefits

You will receive a salary between 2.0 Million KRW and 2.8 M KRW per month.

Your vacation days will be paid.

Your flight will be reimbursed by your employer.

You’ll teach from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm daily.

The school provides teacher training for new teachers.

Whether you receive paid housing depends on each individual
school contract.

If you DO NOT get paid housing, you will receive a higher salary.

One of the benefits of teaching at Chung Dahm is the smaller classes.
Class sizes range from eight to twelve students.

You will have ongoing teacher support and a chance to advance your
teaching career at ChungDahm.

Your employer will pay 50% of your medical and pension contributions.

Here’s a video of some classroom situations at ChungDahm
Learning where Korean students talk about how they use
technology to learn English.

Qualifications Required:

You must be a citizen from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia,
New Zealand, or South Africa.

You must have at minimum of 10 years of formal education (high school and college)
from one of the above countries mentioned above.

You must be willing to commit to a 12 month contract.

You must have a Bachelor’s university degree from a recognized

You must provide a background check from your home country and not
have any criminal charges.

About Aclipse

At Aclipse we assist university grads from English-speaking countries who
desire to live and work overseas. Our service to ESL teachers is free.

Even if you haven’t graduated from college, you can still apply to teach
English in Korea.

We accept teacher applications up to 8 months before you even graduate
from college.

The schools we recruit for hire teachers all year-long so we can fit your
desired schedule.

Aclipse recruiters have experience teaching English abroad so they can help you
make the right location and school decision.

Apply To Teach In Korea

More About Aclipse Korea

Find Aclipse Korea on Facebook.

A link to the Aclipse Korea LinkedIn page.

Here’s a map and walk score of Incheon, Korea. Chung Dahm Learning has
schools in Incheon.

Learn what restaurants, bars, coffee shops, shopping, and parks are in the city and the
neighbourhood where you’ll be teaching.


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Here are 3 reviews of Aclipse Korea from English teachers.

Below are some Facebook reviews from teachers who used Aclipse Korea.

Reviews Aclipse Recruiting Korea

Below are some current and former employees of Aclipse
Korea that you might be able to connect with on LinkedIn.

Aclipse Employees Korea

2 5 1
CDI was involved in a dispute with their foreign teaching staff back in 2011. The case went to court in 2015.. Here's the article link about it. http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150113000740

4 5 1
A decent recruiter if you're a first time English teacher going to Korea. You'll get paid on time, but not a lot of vacation to travel outside of Korea. Lot's of cities and schools to choose from.

3 5 1
I was in contact with Aclipse, but once I learned they only recruited for Chung Dahm I decided to use a different recruiter. CDI wasn't for me.

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