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Teach College English At Kyonggi University

Kyonggi University is hiring for Non-tenure track full time
teachers at the Suwon campus.

We are recruiting qualified instructors who have the commitment and dedication
to teach at the professor level to teach at Kyonggi University.

These teaching positions start March 1, 2017.

Below is a map of Suwon (where Kyonggi University is located)

Suwon Map

Map of Suwon (in red)

Learn more about Suwon from Wikipedia.

Qualifications You’ll Need

You must speak fluent English and hold a MA or PhD degree.

You must also satisfy one or two of the below requirements:

You will need a minimum of 2 years of college or university full-time teaching
experience. This could either be as an assistant, associate of full-time professor.


A minimum of 4 years of full-time college or university instructional experience
as a visiting professor or part-time teacher.

The University expects your teaching experience to be from a Korean college or

If you have taught credit courses these are considered recognized teaching

If you have taught at a language school, or through a continuing education
program, these courses are NOT acceptable work experience.

In order to apply you must be eligible for appointment in adherence to private
university faculty appointment regulations.

A degree in English education, or TEFL or TESOL are preferred.

Teachers already living in Korea are preferred.

Class at Gyonggi University

Students & Teacher At Kyonggi University

The Job & Benefits

1. This is an assistant professor position. An E-1 visa is provided.

2. This is a 2 year teaching contract. An extension will be given beyond 2 years
based on an evaluation of the professor’s performance.

3. You will teach 15 credit courses each week during the academic term.

4. The salary will be controlled as per the number of teaching hours the professor
has taught unless the professor meets the minimum teaching hours required.

5. If the instructor teaches more than the required teaching hours each week, the
instructor will be paid at the overtime rate as set by the University.

6. You will be required to hold at least 4 office hours per week. Your work week
will be 5 days per week.

7. You will be teaching at the Suwon campus. However, you may be also required
to teach at the Seoul campus.

8. The teaching salary is 32.4 M KRW for a 1 year teaching contract.
The contract period is 12 months.

9. The University does not provide housing or a housing allowance.

10. You will receive a subsidized Korean Teacher’s Pension as well as Korean
health insurance.

11. You will be entitled to summer and winter vacation time off.

Courses You Will Teach

College English. These courses include English conversation, reading and writing.

English presentation skills and other English elective classes

Other courses in English relevant to what the students’ are studying for their degrees.

Here’s a map with transportation schedules and directions to Kyonggi University.


Kyonggi University Campus Map

Application Documents

1. You must complete an application form, list of careers, a cover letter describing
yourself and a teaching plan.

2. You must sign a letter of consent in which you agree to the University collecting
and using your personal information.

3. You’ll need to provide your degrees and certifications

4. Transcripts of all university level courses you’ve taken must be submitted. These
include your transcripts from your BA, MA or PhD degrees obtained.

5. You must provide your official career certificates of teaching experience. These
should include the department you worked in, details of the position, and the dates
in which you obtained these certificates and/or experience.

6. You need to provide copies of all other certificates.

7. Please submit exact copies or original documents in your application package.

Please state “This document is an exact copy of the original” to be hand written
on each copy of your degrees and certificates.

8. Provide a copy of the front page of your passport.

9. Provide a copy of your alien registration card (ARC card) if you have one.

10. Submit a recent LOR (letter of recommendation) ( if applicable).

11. If you are hired, you will need to provide additional documents in order to obtain
an E-1 visa.

12. If you are hired, you must provide a copy of your dissertation of highest
academic degree.

Here’s a video introduction and tour of Kyonggi University
(English subtitles).

Important Information Regarding Document Submissions

Kyonggi University has the right to revoke any appointment
of any applicant who provides false information on his/her
application or submitted documents.

Only the forms issued by Kyonggi University are acceptable and these documents
MUST be submitted by email.

Download the REQUIRED application documents.

If any required documents are not completed, the applicant will be disqualified from
the application process.

If the documents are NOT printed in Korean or English, the applicant must ensure the
documents are translated into one of these two languages with a signature recognizing
the translation on the document.

Application Schedule

The application deadline for these positions is Thursday, November 10, 2016

Applicants will be chosen for screening and evaluation on Friday, November 18, 2016.

If you are chosen, you will be notified by email.

Interviews will take place on Wednesday, November 23, 2016. The interview will include
a 10 minute demo lesson and a 10 minute interview.

If you are NOT in Korea during the interview process a Skype
interview may be arranged.

The successful applicant(s) will be notified in mid December, 2016. This announcement
depends on the Board of Trustee’s schedule.

All dates and times above are according to Korean Standard Times.

Only qualified candidates will be given interviews.

Selected candidates for interviews will be informed by email personally.

Schedules in the application schedule are subject to change.

Please submit all your documents by email ONLY to:


Alumni Kyonggi University

Notable Alumni From Kyonggi University

For More Information Contact:

Send your email to: faculty@kgu.ac.kr

Or Call

College English Office : +82-31-249-9269 (from abroad),

031-249-9269(in Korea)

Here’s a Google map with directions to Kyonggi University Suwon Campus.

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