The 1/3 Private Teaching Rule in Korea?

Question: My hagwon contract states 30 hours per week. My recruiter said I can only teach a maximum of 10 extra hours (1/3) at a second part time job. Anybody heard of this rule?

I’ve never heard of the 1/3 rule. I suppose it could be true.

However, the bigger concern is that since your E2 visa is sponsored by a hagwon, then you aren’t legally allowed to teach part time lessons (regardless of # of hours) unless these are classes being offered by the hagwon sponsoring you.

I’ve heard that if your E2 sponsoring hagwon agrees to sign an official permission document and you take it to Korean immigration then you can get permission to work at a second location or school. However it’s doubtful, your hagwon would want you taking a second job. You are their “work-horse” not some else’s.

Teaching privately is illegal in Korea and it could get you arrested, put in jail and deported, not necessarily in that order.

Having said that… a lot of ESL teachers in Korea teach privately and fly under the radar. Totally your call if you think it’s worth the risk versus reward.

Here’s a more in depth Q&A about the pay rate for private ESL lessons in Korea. 

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