This Girl Taught English In Korea For The Very First Time And It Was Well…. [VIDEO]

Nervous or afraid about your first day of teaching English in Korea?

Nancy, a Chinese American English teacher in Korea made a raw, and compelling video about her first experience.

Here are 9 things you’ll learn from Nancy in this video:

  • Why  teaching English can be painful – physically and emotionally
  • Why teaching English is like working in a restaurant
  • Discover 2 great comfort foods after a long day of classes
  • See how other teachers feel after teaching their very first classes in Korea
  • The difference between being a student and an English teacher
  • What your first day of class compares with from a nervousness POV
  • The rollercoaster of emotions you can expect during your first week of teaching
  • One way to win your students over during your first week
  • Types of cool gifts your students will give you “because they like you”

Watch her video below:




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