This teacher ‘shut down’ his students’ cell phone signal in class. You’ll never guess what happened next.

Teacher disallows cell phones in class

A US high school teacher got so frustrated with students using their cell phones in class that he ended up using a controversial piece of technology called a jammer to block the cell phone signal.

The Florida instructor was suspended for 5 days (without pay) by the school and the US mobile communications company (Verizon) was not pleased since “jammers” are illegal in the US.

But it wasn’t just the school and the cell phone company that were upset…

And, of course, parents suggested that what he did was terrible because, for example, what if there had been a gunman at the school?

The Florida science teacher, simply wanted his students to pay attention to the lecture but their cell phones prevented them from learning.

Smart phone use continues to be a hot debate among educators.

Some teachers say it’s okay to bring cell phones to class as long as they can control how and when students are using them. In other words, teachers should embrace smart phone technology to make the classroom experience more creative and interesting.

Others educators view cell phones as a nuisance since students only use them to communicate trivial information with each other like, texts, photos, and entertaining links.

As an ESL teacher how do you feel about your students bringing cell phones to your class?

Watch original video in CNET


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