What Do Koreans Think Of Foreigners (In Korea)

The number of foreigners visiting Korea to travel, live or work has increased.

In the past 10 years this number has gone up massively due to a fascination with ALL THINGS Korean. 

Things like English teaching jobs, language learning at Korean universities, and of course K-Pop, food and fashion are incredibly popular.

In this video a cameraman walks around Seoul and asks Koreans what they think about the growing influx of foreigners in their country.

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Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in this video:

  • The ways that Koreans think foreigners are different from them
  • How Koreans feel about foreigners attitudes towards littering
  • What Koreans have learned about how foreigners act while abroad
  • What Koreans say about the manners of foreigners – The Canada example
  • What Koreans have learned from foreigners about the art of decision making
  • How foreigners can do things alone while Koreans struggle with it.
  • How foreigners greet, smile and make friends compared with Koreans – The Elevator example
  • How foreigners see ideas and skills more broadly than Koreans do
  • Hear about the experience Koreans have had with foreigners and in foreign countries
  • What being sorry or polite means for foreigners versus Koreans – in public situations
  • How foreigners act a bit differently when drinking in public versus Koreans
  • Koreans versus Foreigners attitudes towards smoking
  • What prejudiced Koreans have experienced from foreigners
  • The differences Koreans perceive between Americans and Canadians
  • What are Koreans’ thoughts on international couples

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