What do Koreans think of teachers with tattoos?


Are you teaching English through a hagwon or EPIK?

EPIK will be more stringent about it and when you do your health check the nurse may see them when you take your shirt off for a chest xray.

Possibly he/she could tell the EPIK coordinator, and they may not be pleased if you didn’t reveal that on the EPIK disclosure paper.

EPIK will still hire you with tattoos, but don’t show them during class.

The only issue I could see is if you’re going out in the summer with your students through EPIK or a hagwon and students or parents see them. They might be displeased. But hey… what are they going to do fire you and send you home? Doubtful.

You’re in for a long hot, humid summer in Korea and do you really want to be wearing an undershirt and a long sleeved shirt 5 days a week walking outside to and from school in the blazing sun? I had a friend who did that for 5 years in Korea and he hated it. That’s the price he paid for getting tattoos and deciding to teach kids in Korea.

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