What qualifications are needed to teach in the UAE?

What qualifications are needed to teach in the UAE?

Are you still looking for a teaching job in the Middle-East?

Yes, I am still looking for a teaching job in UAE: Dubai, Oman, Al Ajman, Bahrain. I am also interested in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Brunei and India but these places don’t pay well. I am NOT interested in China, Korea, Taiwan or Japan. I may consider Mongolia if offered. My Bachelor’s is in English and my Trinity CELTA/ESL/TEFL Certificate is 140 hours. I am also interested in Abu Dhabi but NOT Sharjah in UAE because of the repression on women/lack of liberalism for women.

Sounds good. Let me look through our teaching jobs in some of those countries and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I am NOT considering Indonesia anymore for safety reasons. I researched that sponsors have a big tendency of not issuing Exit Visa’s to expats out of spite or to human traffic them. Without the Exit Visa, the teacher would NOT be permitted to leave Indonesia or board any airplane and sometimes the Indonesian officials don’t help.

Yes, Indonesia can be a bit dodgy. Do you have citizenship or permanent residency in the US? There is a recruiter in Abu Dhabi I know, but they always ask if the North American teacher is Muslim.

I have a U.S. Citizenship. I was born in the U.S. I am not Muslim but I started listening to an audiobook on the Qu’ran. I listened to the creation of Adam & Jinn and the Iribis.

I started teaching myself the alphabet. I’m on the 2nd step of the alphabet.

Okay thanks for informing me. One particular recruiter likes to hire Muslim North Americans which is why I asked. It’s an odd question I know, but they require it.

Well, we do have Muslim North Americans. I’m just trying to learn the language and the culture. I have been to 3 mosques here but that’s about it.

I’ll get back to you when I have more information. Thanks. No problem. Could you email me your resume when you get a chance?

I emailed you my resume, degree and certificate. I want to add that I don’t have a public school board education certificate which some companies require as additional certification. I mostly taught adults.

Yes, I understand. I was talking with one today, but unfortunately, you’ll need an education degree to apply. Many schools in the UA require an education degree. I’ll keep looking

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