What teaching jobs are available in Thailand or Vietnam?

What teaching jobs are available in Thailand or Vietnam?

Are you still looking for a new teaching job in Thailand or Vietnam?

Either country is fine. I love South East Asia. I’m looking for a teaching role in Hanoi or surrounding provinces. Or in Thailand if I can’t find a full-time job here. The job search continues

What are your salary expectations?

In Vietnam $1,300-$1,500 per month. In Thailand, 35,000-40,000 bahts per month! All negotiable of course! As a native French speaker, I could potentially also teach French, in addition to English. If there is a market for it!

Great, thanks for these numbers. I’l Keep your French speaking ability in mind for Vietnam. I need to ask around.

Great, thanks! Sure, no problem.

Was there a specific reason you’ve chose southeast asia to teach?

Nothing specific, I have just always loved SE Asia and holidayed there many times. Just like the culture, sights and lifestyle!

Are you in one of those countries right now or in the US?

I am currently in Hanoi

Are you on a tourist visa or teaching visa?

On a 3 month tourist visa for now

So ideally, you’d like to get a job soon or are you planning to travel around South East Asia first for a bit before taking a full time teaching job Thailand or Vietnam. The reason I ask is because some schools want to hire up right away for April start.

I am available now! I have been travelling for the past 2 months Backpacking time is over! I am ready to start a full time job asap Thanks

Okay, that’s great. Hope you had a great adventure. I love South East Asia, especially LAOS.

I have actually never been to Laos, only to the surrounding countries!

It’s a fabulous place. Similar to Thailand, but a slightly different feel. When you have a moment could you send over your resume and photo to paulheffordesl@gmail.com . If you don’t have access to a photo, since your backpacking I could use your FB one. If you have any questions in the meantime about jobs and living in Vietnam or Thailand feel free to reach out.

Sure, will do it tomorrow, it is getting late here! I have a headshot pic, no worries!

Yes, understood. Thanks for reaching out.

Hi, just sent over my CV and headshot

Thanks much. I just saw it. I’m going to contact some partners in Thailand and see what we have.

Brilliant, thank you so much!