What Things Are Not Allowed in North Korea?

Here’s a list of 10 things BANNED in North Korea. #9 is the strangest!

#1 Political opposition parties. North Korea considers itself a democratic country and ELECTIONS happen every 5 years. But people only have one vote and one party choice.

#2 If you want to live in Pyeongyang (the capital) you have to have permission from the North Korean government.

#3. If you have a bible and you’re caught reading it, then you could be executed. North Korea is an atheist country, it seems. Same goes for watching or engaging in pornography.

#4 You aren’t allowed to wear denim jeans in North Korea. Who knows why?… Levis is an American symbol, maybe the brand is not considered stylish by North Korean government standards. It’s a mystery to me…

#5 North Koreans know NOTHING outside of the fish bowl they live in. Whatever they do know, is false or government propaganda.

#6 They built the largest outdoor sports stadium. It holds 150,000 people. They should host the olympics, no?

#7 You’ll be hard pressed to find a pizza joint, hamburger stand or your favorite side of french fries in the Hermit Kingdom.

#8 If you want to buy a car, you need the government’s permission. Not sure what kind of vehicles they even sell in North Korea. They sure have a lot of tanks though.

#9 If you need a hair cut make sure you select one of 28 government approved hair styles. Seriously!

#10 If you decide to LOGIN to the Internet, make sure the government gives you their blessing. No permission and you could face the DEATH penalty.

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