Why Do ESL Teachers Get Bitter In Korea?

What makes adventurous, free-spirited foreign English teachers become bitter teaching and living in Korea?

If you’re coming to Korea be prepared to meet some of these people.

When you arrive in Korea you’ll go be in the honeymoon stage where everything is great.

But soon, you’ll start to go through the stages of culture shock.

If you’re new to Korea or you’ve been here for a while, you can probably understand some of the reasons why teachers get bitter.

Watch this 4 minute video. Can you relate?

Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in David’s video:

  • How familiarity of your culture back home leads you to Korea
  • Why an “everything is new” lifestyle in Korea is so exciting for a while
  • What ends up happening in Korea when things get familiar
  • How making cause and effect relationships in Korea leads to familiarity and bitterness
  • How living on auto-pilot in Korea creates a bubble for you and leads to bitterness
  • How language learning impacts your attitude in Korea
  • Why moving to a new place doesn’t change who you are
  • How NOT learning the Korean culture deeply leads to jaded teachers
  • How falling into routine habits affects your happiness in Korea

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