Would like to teach in Vietnam. My sibling is there…

Would like to teach in Vietnam. My sibling is there…

Are you still looking for a new teaching job in Vietnam?

Yes. Do you have any ESL jobs available?

I’ll take a look at our job list first. Do you have a salary expectation and do you prefer children or adults?

I think Children. Yes I do have a salary expectation in line with my three years teaching experience and my Postgraduate Certificate in Education. It would depend on the number of hours in the contract too.

When you have a chance would you mind sending over your up to date resume so I can share it with our recruiters? From there we can work on putting some job offers together for you.

Ok I will do that

Thanks. I appreciate it.

I work with 6 different recruiting parters to place teachers in Vietnam. I’ll look into some opportunities for you. When were you considering going to Hanoi? End of April or early May. Was there a specific reason you’ve chosen Vietnm as a country to teach English?

Yes My sister is there. In Hanoi. As a teacher?

How long has she been there? I take it she enjoys it?

They’ve been teaching  English in Vietnam a few weeks

Did you apply to her school?

Yes but I wasn’t able to leave at the right time. They have filled positions for Hanoi

I assume you’d need your own apartment too in Hanoi, or were you planning to live with your sister? The reason I ask is because some schools may increase your salary or offer a housing allowance in lieu of an apartment.

I would need my own place. She lives with he husband in a small one bedroom place

Okay, understood. I also know that some schools will provide housing a little further away from the language school, but offer a scooter to the teacher. How do you feel about that? I’m just asking now, because some schools include loan of a scooter in the employment package. Not all schools, but for certain jobs it may be required.

Im not sure if I want a scooter as the traffic is bad, would rather take a taxi or walk. One could get a one month rental and look for an apartment closer.

Yes, many teachers choose to rent on their own in Hanoi. I was just asking it as some teachers love the idea of having a free scooter in Vietnam, since they’d be buying one anyway. Not for me either. It’s quite dangerous with all the larger vehicles on the roads and lack of adherence to traffic laws.

So have you been in Vietnam?

I’ve been to Thailand and Laos many times. I recruit teachers for Thailand as well. My conversations with teachers in Vietnam have often been around living conditions, etc. I’m going to pass your resume once I receive it to several recruiters and see what we can find some suitable jobs for you.

Getting a teaching visa in Vietnam?

Good day from Ho Chi Minh, VN. Hello. I am currently looking for a teaching job in Korea. I am planning to be in Songtan by 1st week of May. I am a Filipino, currently residing here in Vietnam for almost 2 years teaching ESL in one of the language centers here named The TopClass Educational Institute in 41 Ha Huy Tap, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in English with a Professional Teacher’s License.

Did you ever get a teaching job on Songtan?

Hey. Nope. Not yet.

I haven’t come across many teaching jobs of Filipinos, except online teaching Koreans. Have you tried those yet?

There are many Filipinos teaching Koreans here in Vietnam. Heard too there are Filipinos teaching in Korea but few.  Had tried teaching them online before I work abroad

What’s it like in Vietnam? I know a lot of teachers are going over there these days?

Demand for teachers especially for native speakers is number 1. Low cost of living and fun at daytime and especially at night time

Do they hire non-native English speakers?

They do

That’s good. Are they able to provide a working visa for non-natives or just a tourist visa where a teacher has to  leave every 3 months?

Most teachers or from different fields usually do the visa run every 3 months. I used to have my Temporary Residence Card and work permit from my previous companies. I have now business visa but most have tourist visa

That’s good they hire people from countries other than the US, Canada, UK, etc.


Does a business visa give you 3 months like a tourist visa? Or longer for a business visa?

3 months yes. But I can get 1 year Business visa Multiple entry

Have you visited VN yet?

It’s on my list. I’ve been to Korea, Thailand and Laos and the Philippines.

You can opt for single or multiple entry both in tourist and business visa So schools will give a teacher a business visa to teach then.

What is an actual teaching visa called?

They don’t it’s a personal expense

So you have a business visa then. But you can teach on it. Where do teachers go on visa runs? Cambodia?

Cambodia. At least 1 and a half travel

Thanks for your insight. Much appreciated. I hope you have a safe and wonderful time in Vietnam.

No worries. For 3 years? Yes I had. Likewise!

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